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  • I would like to have information about your business, are you an investment site?
    DELTRAX is currently a training and cryptocurrency exchange platform. We do not support account management and investment services for third parties.
  • Where are you located and how to contact you ?
    We are located in Dakar, Senegal. For any information contact us by email or through our accounts via social networks.
  • I am in a country other than Senegal, is it possible to benefit from your training and coaching services?
    Yes it is possible. We deliver our support through digital meeting tools that allow us to get rid of geographical limitations. You will not have to book your accompaniment and connect at the agreed times to enjoy your session.
  • What are your working hours on site? Is it possible to make  purchase transactions  or sale  on the site outside these hours?
    The site remains available and functional for all your reservations and transactions 24/7. However, your currency exchange transactions are processed from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. every day except Sundays. Beyond working hours, your transactions are recorded and processed the next day from 9 a.m.
  • Is it possible to buy any cryptocurrency of my choice on the DELTRAX-Exchange platform  ?
    Yes, in addition to the cryptocurrencies available in our selection, we support more specific cryptocurrency orders. But note that these cryptocurrencies will first be studied by our team, in order to ensure their viability of exchange.
  • Will there be a follow-up after your training and coaching?
    Our coaching is based on an interactive and practical educational model, you will receive follow-up during the training period. Following this you will be redirected to channels to keep in touch with our team so that you can ask questions.
  • Do you award diplomas or certification after your training?
    No, we are not currently discerning certification or any other degree.
  • How much does a dollar cost per cryptocurrency on your platform for purchases and withdrawals?
    We do not sell cryptocurrencies in dollars but rather in their respective units by applying our own pricing scheme.
  • How can the exchange rate be evaluated on the DELTAX-Exchange platform?
    We apply two tax formulas on our transactions. *Normal exchange rate (cryptocurrencies included in our catalog): Value of the asset on the market + Transaction costs on the blockchain of the asset + 8% *Customized exchange rate (cryptocurrencies on demand): Value of the asset on the market + Transaction fees on the blockchain of the asset + 11% NB: For international transfers, please add the international shipping costs depending on the operator used and the country.
  • Can I buy or sell electronic currencies such as Perfect Money, Pay, ADV Cash?
    We only sell and buy Perfect Money at this time. *PM exchange rate: 8% commission on any transaction (please refer to DELTRAX Spreadsheet to make a Quote)
  • I would like to know if I could make my withdrawals and deposits directly between an investment site and your platform without going through a wallet?
    Yes it is possible but it is preferable to go through your electronic wallet because if the site encounters a problem it could be confusing.
  • How long will it take to receive my payment?
    5 min to 30 min after confirmation of receipt of your payment NB: This waiting time can also be related to the transaction validation speed (blocks) on the blockchain used
  • How long does it take for all  complaint  ?
    The duration is one week, after this period we decline all your complaints
  • Is there a minimum amount to complete a transaction on your platform?
    Yes, currently we support your transactions from a value of $50. That is approximately 25,000 FCFA
  • What payment methods do you accept?
    Our current means of settlement are: -Mobile Money: ORANGE MONEY -Operators: MoneyGram, Western Union, Wave (Senegal) -Bank transfer -Paypal,Perfect Money
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